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Brandon M. Camenisch




My affinity for computers started ~1995 when I wanted to make my own game mods as a kid using C. It wasn't long before I started getting involved with Linux, hacking hardware, writing code, and mostly having a good time. From then on I've been enveloped with computers and the nerd culture that comes along with it. Being an entrepreneurial adolescent, I wanted to start doing something professionally with technology that I loved so I made a business out of it and started consulting. Since I had such an early start, I've had many great opportunities to evolve and nurture my skills as well as become humbled by them through a few harrowing experiences. I'm very much a Linux enthusiast with a passion for all things security and a valid interest in cryptography. I've always thought that the learning was in the doing and that fuels my desire for trying out new pursuits that make me uncomfortable. I would also like to think that I approach problems with an open and honest opinion and can accept criticism or failure as an opportunity to grow. I look forward to working with people that maintain an open mind and aren't afraid to push the boundaries of technology to help make a positive impact.

Below you'll find most of my work experience as well as a list of skills that I feel are relevant. I try to keep this information as up to date as possible with skills I'm actively using or haven't lost total track of.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Senior DevOps engineerPMC (Penske Media Corporation)

    Jan, 2018 - Present

    PMC is a digital media company with an impressive portfolio of publishing sites with a heavy usage of microservices to support those sites and company infrastructure.

    • Advocated for and implemented 12 factor app methodology, immutability, automation/abstraction of workflows into our microservices architecture

    • Architected, iterated and managed company IaC across multiple cloud providers using Terraform in automation via GitOps

    • Autonomously identified weaknesses in our workflows and improved upon them

    • Dominated integrations using Terraform with external services ike cloudflare, fastly, Datadog, OpsGenie, GitHub, etc.

    • Enabled team by advocating a self service approach in our CI/CD by incorporating modularity into our pipelines

    • Established baseline CI/CD at the company defining end-to-end automated testing to the microservice application stacks

    • Maintained self-hosted LMA & ELK stacks

    • Management of microservice(s) automation and their internal networking via Terraform utilizing Rancher 1.0 on AWS

    • Modularized existing monolithic, difficult to scale patterns into a lightweight re-usable architecture format

    • Regularly met with customer/stakeholder(s) to maintain velocity of engineering team and strengthen overall DevOps culture

  • Senior Software EngineerPMC ( Penske Media Corporation )

    Jan, 2017 - Jan, 20181 year

    PMC is a digital media company with an impressive portfolio of publishing sites and a heavy usage of microservices to support those sites and company infrastructure

    • Audited and executed automation of security best practices into our codebase

    • Conducted numerous large scale data & content migrations making heavy usage of realtime database replication via data streams

    • Implemented caching layers to increase overall performance

    • Created tooling for abstracting customer data solutions using a/b testing, ad tech & analytics

    • Integrated scalable modular codebase solutions into our existing infrastructure

    • Orchestrated foundation for modularized automated testing workflows using Docker

  • Senior Engineering Manager10up

    Jan, 2016 - Jan, 20171 year

    Managed agency engineering team for fortune 100 company projects. 10up is a high energy fast paced digital agency which caters solutions for big name brands.

    • Accurately estimated out large complex projects for big name fortune 100 companies/clients

    • Developed internal tooling for developer support using VirtualBox & docker

    • Improved overall team efficiency and attitude(s) by empowering them with implementing tools, programming conventions, workflow improvements, and training

    • Led engineering teams creating solutions for complex integrations and migrations

    • Managed a successful team of engineers to deliver highly visible websites for fortune 100 companies

    • Met with customers and vendors to ensure project(s) met technical and budget constraints

    • Provided weekly 1:1 training and mentorship to a large team of engineers

  • Senior software engineer10up

    Jan, 2014 - Jan, 20162 years

    Finely crafting websites & tools for content creators.

    • Contributed to WordPress core and other open source projects used throughout the WordPress community

    • Developed custom content syncing software for managing content across many sites

    • Horizontally scaled WordPress on AWS by offloading media and task execution on high traffic sites

    • Regularly audited codebase(s) for security and best practices

    • Triaged data sources from various services using REST api and GraphQL to supplement content creation driven by data

  • Senior software engineerVolume Nine

    Jan, 2014 - Jan, 20151 year

    Volume Nine is Denver's top digital marketing agency, specializing in content, SEO, and social media. Build Brand. Drive Traffic. Grow Sales.

    • Developed against large dataset(s) of marketing data with heavy usage of MySQL database and google analytics platform

    • Strategized marketing/seo campaigns for client sites from a techinnal perspective

    • Worked on early stage development/testing of SkyWord solution for WordPress

  • Senior software engineer, QRlicious

    Jan, 2013 - Jan, 20141 year

    QRlicious is a mobile marketing company offering a platform for users to manage and build QR codes, mobile websites, coupons, and more.

    • Hand built a WordPress framework from the ground up using DRY & semantic approach

    • Programmatically generated QR codes with custom built SVG tool(s) HTML5 canvas and RaphaëlJS

    • Embraced mobile marketing microsites trend by building a SaaS product site building tool on Rails

    • Engineered custom REST based APIs

    • Integrated with various payment gateway systems for e-comm using Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net and others

  • Senior software engineer & Graphic design, Concept Bakery

    Jan, 2012 - Jan, 20131 year

    Social media story development and telling: guerrilla & cross-media marketing. WOM on Facebook, YouTube, microsites, etc. You name it - been there done that :)

    • Solely developed ruby on rails custom CMS application to create SaaS product based on microsites and Facebook pages

    • e-commerce sales pipeline with integration of social media data of consumers

    • Campaigned on social media to market customer products

    • Frontend and graphic design heavy position creating marketing campaigns

  • Consultant, Nerdatory

    Jan, 2006 - Jan, 20126 years

    Consulting firm specializing in architecture, security and best practices of software development.

    • Provided strategic engineering consulting to startups

    • Demonstrated how to predict growth and scale a product without hitting a wall in the process

    • Conducted in-depth security audits for clients identifying weaknesses in their corporate IT structure

    • Collaborated with team of engineers to architect and reconstruct their SaaS product from the ground up

    • Mentored teams in software life cycle processes using TDD, CI, code reviews, security conventions, and engineering best practices

  • Founder, Silvereve Interactive

    Jan, 2002 - Jan, 20001 year 11 months

    Full service multimedia/interactive web content production company. Hand made interactive content solutions for education, games, entertainment and business training.

    • Consulted customers on business strategy of their content to encourage end user engagement

    • Developed and marketed plug n' play javascript modules for mass consumers to sell online

    • Heavily coded robust multimedia content in actionscript

    • Provided unique content including but not limited to text, photographs, and graphic design for customers

    • Retained customer loyalty through excellent service and ongoing maintenance agreements

  • Founder/Trainer, Martial Arts Camp

    Jan, 2006 - Jan, 20082 years

    Intensive live in martial arts training camp in the Colorado Rockies.

    • Concepted curriculum for intensive full immersion martial arts & security training camp

    • Developed website and unique branding content ( text, photo, video, seo, marketing, etc. ) for entire organization

    • Exhaustively studied technical material and improved upon existing systems to produce the highest quality training we could

    • Led and mentored groups to maximize their potential both as individuals and as a teams

    • Trained students in curriculum physically and mentally

    • Taught skills such as tactical knife fighting, lock picking, escape & evasion, stealth and more

  • Quartermaster, U.S. Navy

    Jan, 2002 - Jan, 20064 years

    The United States Navy is the naval warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the eight uniformed services of the United States.

    • Awarded commendation by captain of U.S.S Nimitz for excellent performance and honorable service to division

    • Entrusted with top secret security intelligence information critical to operational success while underway in hostile zones

    • Personally corrected over 5k navigational charts covering the globe and used for navigation in westpac operations

    • Piloted aircraft carrier U.S.S Nimitz through operation Iraqi Freedom during two Westpac deployments

    • Spent over 1000 hours providing navigational expertise by both traditional ( celestial ) and modern methods to bridge officers and crew

  • Self Storage Assistant, Stuff-It Storage

    Jan, 1995 - Jan, 20027 years

    Storage unit facility

    • Drove large truck/trailer loads of 'stuff' to auctions

    • Inventoried and managed large lists of items to be sold at auctions

    • Investigated cost research/analysis of items

    • Maintained customer relations involving billing, theft, or property damage

    • Patrolled two locations of business premises for suspicious activity and break-ins

  • Gutter Installer, Best seamless rain gutters

    Jan, 1999 - Jan, 20023 years

    Seamless rain gutters company that served the front range of Colorado

    • Estimated jobs from small houses to large residential or industrial properties and assessing risk

    • Placed inventory cost replenishment orders for materials and crew

    • Repaired leaking or damaged product

    • Serviced seamless gutter tools & equipment critical to operation such as downspout machines, trucks, saws, and other tools

    • Year round service to contracting and private builders

  • Clerk/Manager, Brandons Pantry

    Jan, 2000 - Jan, 20011 year

    Convenience store in recreational area of the Colorado Rocky Mountains

    • Attended trade shows to promote business and develop relationships with vendors

    • Identified and explored potential areas of profit by monitoring daily operations

    • Inventoried product and kept track of finances

    • Provided customer information in regards to travel and tourism in the area

    • Self branded and started convenience store in recreational area

  • Assistant Manager, Indian Meadows

    Jan, 2000 - Jan, 20022 years

    Rustic recreational resort in the Poudre Canyon of the Colorado Rocky Mountains

    • Cleaned and maintained a cluster of recreational cabins for camping tourists

    • Developed customized hotel booking software to manage reservations, events, billing and other daily business

    • Kept inventory and vendor relationships with wholesalers

    • Maintained property grounds i.e. landscaping, repairs, and other maintenance type work

    • Planned and catered events such as weddings, family reunions, business summits and other group events

  • Navigation, Engineering, Deckhand, Motor Vessel ENDEAVOUR

    Jan, 1997 - Jan, 20003 years

    U.S.S. Endeavour was a 70ft. 69 ton Ocean adventure trawling vessel.

    • Chipped, grinded, painted & other laborious tasks to keep the vessel in working order

    • Commandeered the 69ton Naval engineered trawling motor vessel through the open seas of the Western hemisphere and the international waterways of the southern United States

    • Diligently held the comm while underway to ensure safe passage on voyages

    • Maintained & calibrated sea faring equipment critical to the safe navigation of the vessel

    • Repaired and maintained engines, generators, desalination systems, auxillary solar power systems, & other marine equipment



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